Enhanced police presence today at Eagle Grove schools

Edward Lynn
The Eagle Grove Police Department and the Wright County Sheriff's office increased their presence in and around the Eagle Grove schools today following an investigation into alleged threats of potential gun violence at the school. Several individuals reached out to the district to express concern and these concerns were then communicated to the Eagle Grove police department, which immediately took action.
"The Eagle Grove Police Department takes threats like this very seriously," Sergeant Mark Hennigar of the EGPD told The Eagle. Hennigar stressed that there was a strong police presence on the ground and that the situation was well in hand. "We have five officers spread out between the two school buildings," Sgt. Hennigar said, adding that "the Wright County Sheriff's department is assisting," the EGPD with at least two cars on patrol in the area today.
In a statement posted to the Eagle Grove Community Schools Facebook group, Eagle Grove Superintendent of Schools Jess Toliver shared that, "last night, the Administration received word of a possible threat against the school. Law enforcement was notified and investigated the threat contacting all parties and gave us the go head to proceed with school today.  Just to be safe, we will have an increased presence of law enforcement in and around the schools today. Any parents or guardians who do not feel comfortable with their students attending school today can contact the office and their absence will be excused."
To the Eagle, Toliver went further. "Let me be clear.  I also have four children that go to this school and I, like any parent, would not put my kids in a situation where I did not believe it is safe," Toliver said, firmly. "As we move forward with this situation and with any similar situations in the future, please be assured that I will do everything I can to protect the safety of all of our students."
Sources speaking on condition of anonymity told the Eagle that the concerns in the community originated with an anonymized social media post spreading through email and social media channels, which suggested that a student whose relative was in a minor altercation at the Eagle Grove high school the previous day might "shoot up the school" in possible retaliation.
Although the results of the police investigation resulted in the schools being cleared for classes today, which suggests that there was ultimately no danger, Toliver also told the Eagle, "The Administration thanks all the individuals, parents, teachers, and students who contacted us to make us aware of the situation. We always say 'if you see something, say something,' because it keeps all of us safe."
The vigilance of the officers on the scene was visibly apparent. With officers in and around the school, even patrolling school grounds on foot in the bitter cold, their resolve to do their duty no matter what was evident. Hennigar expressed that every officer was well prepared to do their duty. "This is not the Eagle Grove Police Department's first experience with this, unfortunately," Sgt. Hennigar said, "and we have put that experience to good use protecting our local students."


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